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31 Dec on if you go to the H section and look for Helvlight it is the match for Amtrak font Helvetica and it is free. You can also get the San Deigo Coaster font from there as well and it is called earth. Frutiger font (light, condensed, italic, etc.) should be substituted for. Frutiger 65 Bold. Graphic. Components. Frutiger 65 Bold Text. Character Spacing (Tracking). Frutiger 65 Bold should never be letterspaced more tightly. (negative) than “Track 0” or “Normal”, and may require more open (positive) tracking to meet ADA. 27 Nov Recently, I was building Phase III of E60CH but I need the marking but I couldn't figure out how. Phases I - IV primarily use Helvetica for the font. I have a really nice listing of fonts for rail roads here.

Fonts in Use. An independent archive of typography. Made possible by sponsors like Mark Simonson Studio. Sign in to participate. Collection · Blog. or combine terms with Advanced Search. Trying to make HO scale substitute numbers for the Phase V scheme as seen on Acela Express and P42s. D. Harrison. 12 Aug does anyone know what font amtrak uses? it looks closest to just times new roman but not fully hoping someone could help me out as im making some.

14 Nov These 2 Acela power cars are demonstrating Amtrak's change in font to go with their new logo and paint scheme. The strange thing is that Acela power car is the only Acela power car with the old style red "Amtrak" in the old font. The rest all have the blue one on the left, or that space is blank. Here is. 20 Dec Two of the three passengers who died when an Amtrak train derailed while traveling along a route for the first time were enthusiastic advocates for travel by trains, the Rail Passengers Association said Tuesday. 5 Feb Sunday's train collision in South Carolina was the fourth fatal incident involving an Amtrak train since the start of December.