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$ million. The Divergent Series: Insurgent (also known simply as Insurgent) is a American science fiction action film directed by Robert Schwentke, based on Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. Production - Music - Release - Reception. Action · Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side. .. The plot of the novel, Insurgent, is vastly different than that of the movie. On what grounds does this movie have 6,9 rating on IMDb? Full Cast & Crew - Insurgent () - Photo Gallery - Plot Summary - Parents Guide. 12 Dec - 2 min - Uploaded by Movieclips Trailers THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT raises the stakes for Tris as she searches for allies and.

Parents need to know that Insurgent is the second installment in the Divergent trilogy. Based on the best-selling dystopian books by Veronica Roth, Insurgent continues the story of heroine Tris (Shailene Woodley) and her love, Four (Theo James). Like the first movie, Insurgent is less violent than the book, but there's still . The books and movies are targeted to teens, and the series seems to be intent on luring children into the story and then teaching them terrible things. This second movie is more violent and has more sexuality than the first movie. The violence is very intense, and includes graphic depictions of torture. Some characters. Movie Info. THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT raises the stakes for Tris as she searches for allies and answers in the ruins of a futuristic Chicago. Tris ( Woodley) and Four (James) are now fugitives on the run, hunted by Jeanine ( Winslet), the leader of the power-hungry Erudite elite. Racing against time, they must find.

19 Mar Improvement, however slight, can be detected as Divergent morphs into Insurgent onscreen. There's less exposition, more action and a discernible spark in the acting that was missing before. But let's face it, the trilogy of young-adult novels that Veronica Roth cooked up to rival The Hunger Games never. I think Shailene Woodley is a young actress to watch.. Theo.. (absolutely intensely watchable) I don't know why people think "Meh" or "only watch it if you are so terminably bored, anything would entertain you" Most reviewers on Amazon really do a good job; I count on those reviews when I purchase ANYTHING from. 19 Mar I steeled myself while anticipating the harrowing moment that was hinted at in the trailer. As Tris, the free-thinking fugitive hero of the clumsily titled “The Divergent Series: Insurgent,” Shailene Woodley picks up what looks like a pair of gardening shears and manages to somehow transform her lengthy locks.