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Fulda Gap () FULDA GAP is a regimental/brigade level simulation of a possible Warsaw Pact assault into West Germany through the area of relatively open terrain centered on the town of FULDA. Success would allow the Pact armies to drive a wedge between NATO forces deployed both. HPS Simulations and John Tiller are proud to announce the release of Fulda Gap '85, a simulation of "what might have been." Armored Cavalry Regiment vs. the Warsaw Pact to a turn campaign game involving American, West -Fulda Gap '85 Includes the main program, scenario editor, and order-of-battle editor. The Fulda Gap is an area between the Hesse-Thuringian border and Frankfurt am Main that contains two corridors of lowlands through which tanks might have driven in a surprise attack effort by the Soviets and their Warsaw Pact allies to gain crossing(s) of the Rhine River. Named for the town of Fulda, the Fulda Gap was.

15 Aug This is a paid release in the mobile Modern Campaigns series. You should first install and play the free Panzer Campaigns and Modern Campaigns apps by John Tiller Software to become familiar with the interface. This release includes 14 scenarios from the Fulda Gap '85 PC game where you play. Modern Campaigns - Fulda Gap ' One spark on the world scene would be all that it would take to ignite these powerful military forces and send then crashing into each other across the only thing that stood between them in Germany, the Fulda Gap! Turn-based game engine with 3 hour day turns and 1 mile hexes. 5 Nov The FULDA GAP is an operational-level simulation of a hypothetical attack into West Germany by Soviet-led Warsaw Pact forces in the late 's. FULDA GAP uses the PANZERGRUPPE GUDERIAN Game System and was designed by James F. Dunnigan. It was published in by Simulations.

[1] - starting position. [2] - first FOB. [3] - Russian's artillery. [4] - second FOB. [5] - third FOB and Americans. [6] - allied choppers. [7] - fourth FOB. [8] - fifth FOB. [9] - German troops. [10] - sixth FOB. [11] - seventh FOB. [12] - enemy's tanks and infantry. [13] - regroup point of allied units. Get to the sector where allies are.