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Cities xl custom maps

Although there are plenty of maps to choose from, some modders have created custom maps, which allow players to build cities on a map not normally found in the game. These maps must be downloaded and installed in the paks folder, and will replace a certain map in-game. You must be sure to find out which map it. 18 Mar - 2 min - Uploaded by diScOpOlisCXL Mod: Omnicorps Isles Author: Altiris Section: Custom Maps Download Link: http:// Deviser: VintzQc Modder: Moran - by moran. Updated: Oct 25, Maps Ultimate Map pack of Real world Maps (BOSTON ADDED). 12 in this set of Real World maps - by XL Nation Staff. Updated: Sep 14, Maps Woodstock,NB. Woodstock is a Canadian town in Carleton County - by skullz Updated: Nov 3,

Hi everyone, i'm searching Map Editor for download, but can't find it anywhere. There're some links out there, but are all old and corrupted. Does. It's a very simple and almost flat map for Cities XL , replacing the Peninsula. It has custom textures, lots of place to build, a coast for placing ports (or blueprints built on water, like the Alcatraz), and all resources almost everywhere. It has road/railroad/highway connections on two out of four sides, so you can haul a lot of. Hi, all. I've been playing cities xl a little bit and I found a flat blank map for it, but the ground is brown. I was wondering if there was an extra file.

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