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How to add s to dock on macbook

23 Mar If you want to add a file or folder to the Dock, just drag its icon from any Finder window (or the desktop) and drop it on the Dock. To remove an item from the Dock, drag its icon an inch or more off the Dock and wait a couple seconds. Then release the icon and it disappears in a poof of smoke. 28 Mar Add an item: Drag it to the Dock. Drag files and folders to the right of the Dock's separator, and apps to the left. If you moved the Dock to the side of your desktop, drag files and folders below the separator, and apps above. When you drag an item to the Dock, an alias to the item is placed in the Dock. 10 Jul Adding Website Shortcuts from Safari to the Dock on Mac OS X. Open Safari on the Mac and visit a website you want to add a shortcut for (for example, the excellent ) Click and hold on the URL link in the URL bar, then drag the URL down to the right-side of the Dock on the Mac.

28 Feb Just about all Mac users know that you can add items to the Dock of Mac OS X by dragging and dropping things into it, but another option, which may even be faster for some users, is to use a keyboard shortcut. With a quick keystroke, you can instantly add any item from the file system of a Mac – be it a file. If you want to permanently add a currently-running app to your Dock: Right-click or Control-click on the app icon in the Dock. Select Options under the drop-down menu. Click on Keep in Dock. You can alternatively just drag the icon to a different position in. 30 May Creating an excellent ebook on your Mac — without being locked into sharing it only through the iBooks Store – is now almost as simple as exporting a file. Apple's latest version of Pages adds robust support for EPUB3 files, letting you turn nearly any document into an ebook ready to sell via iBooks, quickly.

25 Jun When you first get your Mac, or create a new user account for it, the Dock greets you with Apple's predefined choice of which apps it believes you will be happy to see there. Unsurprisingly, they're all Apple's own, and although you may be using most of those as a matter of course, you will undoubtably want. By Bob LeVitus. You can customize your Dock with favorite applications, a document you update daily, or maybe a folder containing your favorite recipes — whatever you need quick access to. The following sections tell you what kind of stuff to put on the Dock and how to add an icon to the Dock. MacBook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition. By Mark L. Chambers. The Dock is the quick-access strip for applications and documents that appears on your MacBook Desktop. Why be satisfied with just the icons that Apple places in the Dock? You can add your own applications, files, and folders to the Dock as well.